5 Productivity Tips for Using the Dynamics GP Support Debugger Tool

The support debugger tool for Microsoft Dynamics GP is a free support tool from Microsoft.  It has been around since version 8.0 of Great Plains and is currently supported on versions 10, 2010 and 2013 of Dynamics GP.  You can request a free download of this tool by contacting Tribridge.

5 Quick and Easy Productivity Features

1) Set User ID to Blank or Specific Value - The User ID when opening Dynamics GP can be set to be blank or a specific value at each log in

The Dex.ini file can be globally controlled by an administrator.  From the debugger menu select “Dex.ini Configuration”.


2) Capture Screen Shots Easily

Users can easily capture screen shots and send technical information when encountering issues or to pose questions to the system administrator or partner for support.

An icon of a camera is located on the tool bar.  A snap shot of open windows are taken and optionally the system settings are captured as well.


An email can be automatically generated and sent to generate a quick response for assistance. From the debugger menu go to the Administrator Settings Email 1 and 2 tabs.


3) Quickly Identify What Company You are Logged into with Visual Cues.

A different color can be set for the toolbar, background and heading.  In addition the Company ID and User ID can be added to the window title bar. This can help reduce errors and alert a user that they are in a production or test company. From the debugger menu select the “Administrator Settings” option.

GP-support-debugger-4 GP-support-debugger-5 GP-support-debugger-6

4) Quickly Resolve Issues of GP Windows Resized or Positioned not as desired.

Simply click on the Reset Windows Position Button.  From the Debugger menu select “Dex.ini Settings” and click on the button pictured below.


5) Disable the Date Warning that is Displayed When Accessing the Fabrikam Test Company

From the debugger menu select the Dex.ini settings option and the Startup tab.  Then check the box to suppress the sample company date warning.


Do you have additional tips to share on the Dynamics GP Support Debugging Tool? Feel free to comment below or for additional questions, contact me at tom.santoro@tribridge.com.

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