5 Reasons All Custom Software Development Projects Should Have a Terms Dictionary

You could say that a terms dictionary is to a custom software development project as the Webster’s dictionary is to the English language. If you are uncertain of how to spell a word or if you are unsure of the meaning of a word, you go to the online or traditional dictionary. You may even find at times that the word/term has more than one meaning. When working on something as important as building a custom software application, it is important to document and organize each new term or concept introduced to the project. Here are some reasons why:

1. Essential for learning a new language (spelling, annunciation, usage)

  • As soon as you begin your first interaction with a client, you will start to hear certain words over and over. Write them down, listen to how they use it, and ask for their definition of the word.
  • To be able to speak a customer’s language and understand their business, you must understand their jargon.

2. Best professional practice

  • A client will be much more comfortable with and confident in the development team if they are able to speak in the terms of their business when discussing the solution.
  • Conversations between the client and development teams are much easier when term or language clarification is not constantly needed.

3. Find words quickly (ABC order or quick reference)

  • Just like any dictionary, this provides a quick reference for everyone on the development team.
  • Prevents time spent asking each other for definitions and disturbing clients to get definitions that have already been provided.

4. Helps identify and prevent redundancy and words with dual-meanings

  • Many times when going in to add a new term to a dictionary, you find that the term is already being used with a different definition. This provides the opportunity to come up with a new term, or clearly track the multiple meanings of the term.
  • Opportunity to assist in identifying issues within the client’s business caused by a single term referring to different items or different terms referring to the same item.

5.Useful documentation for all involved

  • Development team – constantly being updated, edited, and referenced throughout the project
  • Client – reference to find new words created throughout the project and to clarify terms already being used
  • Users – reference to understand syntax used in the application

Tribridge is dedicated to understanding your business and utilizing methodologies that include term dictionaries in all of our development projects. Learn more about Tribridge's Custom Software Development Solutions

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