Concerto PSA Solution Real World Success Stories at WPC 2012

Since launching our Concerto Cloud PSA solution back in March, numerous professional services firms have contacted me to ask how a PSA solution can streamline business processes. Even though I can tell someone about how useful Concerto PSA is for any sized company, it’s all talk unless I have real world examples. To convince people, you have to show and tell.

That’s why at WPC 2012 in Toronto I’m conducting live Concerto PSA demos to show tangible examples of how our Concerto PSA solution helps professional service providers to be more efficient. These educational demos show real world examples of how leveraging a company’s existing investment in Microsoft technologies can save money and how much time can be saved by managing an entire project lifecycle from start to finish in the cloud. I can also talk about the recently-published Tandel Systems case study detailing how an ambitious aerospace engineering services company benefited from inherent advantages of Concerto PSA software as a service (SaaS) monthly subscription model. If you’re at WPC this week, stop by booth #236, see the demo and I’ll answer any questions you have about our Concerto PSA solution.

Can’t make it this year to Microsoft’s WPC 2012 conference? Download our brochure to learn more about our Concerto Cloud PSA solution.

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