Managing Dynamics NAV 2013 R2 Companies in Role Tailored Client (RTC)

Management of Dynamics NAV Companies has been completely removed from the NAV 2013 R2 Development Environment. To manage companies you can do it through the Role Tailored Client or use PowerShell. This blog topic will cover tips for company management using the Role Tailored Client (RTC) in Dynamics NAV.

Role Tailored Client

To open the Company Management page either search for “Companies” or follow this path in the menu: Departments/Administration/IT Administration/General/Companies. You should see this page:


From this page you can manage the companies within this database with New, Copy, Edit List, and Delete.


Create a new company within this database. When you click New a window will open waiting for you to type in the new company name:


Fill in the name of your new company and click Ok. The new company will be created and ready for you to setup.



Delete an existing company.


Once you select Yes, the company will be deleted. If you are currently logged into the company you are trying to delete then you will be prompted with a similar message to this:

The only way to restore the company is to restore a backup that was previously taken.


Create a new company that is a copy of an existing company. Select the existing company you would like to copy


Click Copy in the ribbon and you will be presented a window for you to enter your new company’s name. Once you have entered the name click OK.


A copy of all the data in the selected company will be place in your new company.

Edit List

This allows you to modify the company list. From here you can create a new record and rename/delete an existing company

To create a new company you can click New in the ribbon or click down on an open line in the list and type your new company name

To rename an existing company, click on a company in the list and type a new name.

Answer yes to confirm your action.


To delete an existing company, click on a company in the list and click Delete in the ribbon. Answer yes to confirm your action.

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