Cloud Security Investment on the Rise: Is Your Cloud Provider Investing In Security Best Practices?

Basic economic principle states that if the demand for a product or service increases, then a vendor will employ innovation in an attempt to deliver it in a more cost-efficient manner. The same equation is applicable to virtual private cloud providers responding to business customer concerns over security capabilities.

The United States National Security Agency's PRISM program, a clandestine electronic surveillance initiative, has spawned widespread concern throughout the corporate community. As more businesses transition their operational applications to cloud platforms such as Microsoft Dynamics AX in the cloud, they are searching for vendors capable of delivering optimal security.

According to Cloud Tech News, competition has continually forced organizations to adopt cloud applications. Maintaining in-house data centers is proving to be an arduous task, one that isn't adding up to be worth the cost. In response, corporations are pressing forward by expanding their operations to new locations, requiring increased flexibility.

"Being able to move data quickly and securely to support new branch offices is highly technically challenging because it requires the entire network, server and storage infrastructure to be virtualized and automated exponentially," the article noted.

Selecting the Appropriate Platform

Business Cloud News states that a private cloud service offers the most vigorous security, primarily because the customer is the only one utilizing the platform. Not to mention the environment ensures absolute connectivity, as opposed to a public cloud. The news source also states that global revenues lost to IT downtime amount to approximately $26.5 billion.

"Security issues may still provide the biggest barrier to migrating internal applications and services to the cloud," the article noted. "However, the industry has come a long way since the first hosted solutions hit the market."

Investment in cloud infrastructure security offers hope for 2014. According to Innovation Insights, IT and business users are becoming more familiar with data encryption techniques and key management protection. In addition, the Cloud Security Alliance, a non-profit organization providing standardized best practices for cloud computing security, released a set of surveillance guidelines that is expected to be adopted on a wide scale.

Tribridge Concerto Cloud Services has made significant investments in security and continues to educate customers on the advantages of a virtual private cloud for sensitive data and applications that require optimal performance and uptime. Concerto Cloud team members are also trained and certified on ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) protocols to standardize best practices around security and factors that impact system performance. Additionally, Tribridge Concerto Cloud Services recently earned SOC 2/SOC 3 reports, demonstrating an third-party affirmation of cloud security and availability.

Whether it's concern over government surveillance or data center hijackers, standardization of security procedures and innovative protection techniques will continue to increase as cloud adoption becomes essential for an organization to remain competitive.


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