Federal Investment in Cloud Computing Expected to Rise

Providing detailed, accurate research on a variety of topics is one of the many services the United States government is providing to its constituents. As means of obtaining information continuously points to data collection, federal agencies and bureaus are relying on cloud computing technologies to amass and organize it.

According to FierceCIO, federal investments in the cloud are expected to reach over $18 billion by 2018. The article noted that the increase in adoption is influenced by the government's desire to reduce the nation's deficit and use the technology as a means of streamlining agency operations.

Dr. Rick Holgate, president of the American Council for Technology, told Forbes that the cloud is one of three forces of innovation enveloping U.S. federal agencies. The ACT, which is an independent advisory group consisting of federal agency CIOs, claimed that cloud applications are virtually restructuring the way these organizations operate

Holgate is also the CIO of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. He has claimed that cloud computing has brought more agile, flexible methods of delivering services and technology to constituents. He also noted that the system has changed the way the bureau constructs and implements solutions.

It All Depends on Comfort

A report released by the Government Accountability Office noted that five out of seven federal agencies plan on moving the bulk of their operations to the cloud in 2012. In response, Holgate claimed that although migration is gaining momentum, progress is dependent on what kind of services an organization specializes in.

The CIO noted that many agencies, including the GAO, have transitioned a number of their traditional internal IT services to the virtual environment. Email is now accessed through the platform, and other agencies have adopted cloud CRM services provided by private vendors. Other federal organizations plan on making the transition, it's just a matter of initiative.

Supporting Data Accumulation

FierceCIO claimed that the largest portion of federal demand for cloud computing stems from the infrastructure's ability to harness big data. Between criminal surveillance initiatives and various public service efforts, the government amasses an incredible amount of information through social media, agency reports and other means.

The Central Intelligence Agency is currently "contracting with cloud providers to meet their needs for huge amounts of infrastructure on demand," Holgate acknowledged.

The current American social platform is one that is consistently exposed to an incredible amount of information. As humans are very knowledge-hungry creatures, those governing them are looking to satisfy their appetite.

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