Cloud Defined… Maybe?

What Is Cloud Computing?

Greg Pierce

At last count (only counting reliable sources) There are well over 200 definitions of Cloud, Public Cloud, and Private Cloud. That is, well, confusing. Who wants to start a dialog on defining cloud computing? I’ll throw a definition I’ve come up with out there to start. I believe the definition should be much more focused on the business benefit, rather than the technology (that’s really what cloud computing is about anyway). So here goes:

Cloud is the delivery of IT business solutions with immediate benefits including little or no upfront capital expense or internal technical knowledge, and high availability. Future benefits include the ability to rapidly scale or change, dynamic allocation of resources, and fewer burdens on internal IT. There are two types of cloud - Public and Private. Public Clouds deliver commoditized solutions at a significantly reduced rate, as compared to On-Premise solutions. Private Clouds deliver slightly less cost savings then Public Clouds, but a significantly higher ability to customize and/or integrate.

What's your definition of cloud computing?

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