Happy Birthday SharePoint!

David Long

SharePoint celebrates its 10th birthday this week (see here). It's crazy to think I have been working with SharePoint for over a decade. Yes, I go back even to Tahoe the original code name of the product. We did exactly one implementation of SharePoint Portal Server 2001 besides rolling out our own internal environment. WCI continues to be a great client of ours that we have been able to assist in growing with the product through the various versions.

I'd like to say I was a visionary in gravitating to SharePoint so early in its lifecycle, but it was rather capricious. As a Gold Partner, Microsoft occasionally asks us to help out launching new products by creating solutions before the product has officially launched. It's exciting work, but it is definitely life on the bleeding edge. We were asked to create a solution to highlight the cool new features of Office XP and given the leeway to use any other Microsoft Products as part of the solution. In surveying the new products that would launch with Office SharePoint jumped out at me as something that was desperately needed by my company to help us collaborate on all the project work we were doing. After winning the contest, my professional life was heading in a new direction and I haven't looked back since!

Ten years later and we have come full circle. Microsoft has asked us to help launch another new product, so we are busily putting together the finishing touches on a solution that features Office 365 integrating with MS CRM online and Azure. Exciting times!

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