Knowing “Why” When It Comes to Custom Application Software

As a custom application software developer, I’m often knee-deep in requirements and working out the how. That’s what we do, and we are good at it. It is our job after all, to build custom software solutions that improve business processes. Many times however it’s helpful to not only understand what a client wants, but why, as it gives us clarity and helps iron out some of the nuances in custom application software design and architecture. And sometimes, it even saves our client money.

I have two young children, and “why” is one of their favorite words. I think my 3 year old asks me “why” at least a dozen times a day. We all did it as kids. As we get older though, we tend to stop asking that question so much (perhaps because of our parents’ begging). It is mildly irritating to have to explain everything, but I have to admit, it does force me to think, particularly when each answer gets drilled down with yet another inquisition. Many times I hit a dead-end and shell out the old standby, “because that’s how it is.”

That’s fine if we’re making spaghetti, not so fine if we’re building custom application software architecture to support your business.

When working with our clients, we often hear needs and wants, feature lists and functionality requirements. It’s human nature to go with what you know, and improve upon that. So it makes sense that we’ll begin our custom application software design process based on the current method of operation. However, in stepping back and asking you “why,” we just might uncover some new information that can get you to your goal even faster or put you in a better position in the future, perhaps eliminating some steps that were necessary before, but are no longer necessary. What seemed like the perfect plan might be overkill – or insufficient. Working together with the understanding of what’s fueling your need, your passion, and your mission, we can all get a little more clarity on your objectives and do more than deliver good code; we’ll provide a custom application software solution that takes your business to the next level.

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