Why the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 Upgrade is so Lit

Yes, Lit. This is how Microsoft employee Terry Heley describes the new release in her BLOG. And the reason why it's Lit? Most of the new features and functions of the upgrade are user-requested.

GP 2018 Upgrade Additional User Requested Functions

  • SmartList Favorites with unique password protection
  • Checks have been renamed as Payments as seen in Payables Transaction windows. This reflects the common term for ETF
  • Copy user access settings and security across AA dimension codes
  • A variety of new Sort functions for the Receivables Transaction Inquiry window - by Type, document number, amount, amount remaining, document date, etc.
  • Ability in Dynamics GP 2018 to Print and Email a single statement from the customer card
  • Now you can print Purchase Requisitions
  • User experience updates to the GP web client including 'type ahead auto-complete'
  • Additional sorting options for Bank Reconciliations
  • Even greater integration and accelerators for Power BI with the new Dynamics GP 2018 Power BI Content Pack

Mature Product - What does that mean?

Microsoft Dynamics GP was recently designated as a "mature product" by Microsoft, which suggests that future releases (expected annually) will continue to focus on smaller usability and workflow enhancements rather than large structural design changes. For an ERP system, where stability and predictability are paramount, this is a welcome designation.

  1. Mainstream support for Dynamics GP 2013 is ending 4/10/2018. You will no longer receive tax and year end updates after 4/10. Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 will then move into Extended Support until 4/11/2023. More information can be found here.
  2. Mature workflow capabilities that can further refine and automate your business processes. Originally released in GP 2013 R2 and enhanced in GP 2015 and GP 2016, the workflow capabilities within GP 2018 are robust and well worth exploring. Core workflow capabilities include a variety of e-mail-based approvals where Line of Business users can approve items without going into or needing a license for GP. Cascading approval processes, time outs and exception handling have each been thought out for approval processing related to GP Financials, Sales, Purchasing and Inventory transactions / cards.
  3. Improved mobile access – With GP 2018, Microsoft has significantly improved the Web Client with a complete rewrite and redesign in HTML5, which is the modern technology that allows browser applications to automatically resize themselves on tablets and smartphones.
  4. Improved Dissemination of Financial Information to Business Decision Makers – With the improved web services available with GP2018, users may access financial data securely using Excel or Power BI through OData managed by GP Security.
  5. Financial Management has been optimized in the following ways:
  • Print a single statement from Customer Maintenance
  • The term “Checks” has been changed to Payments for all PM Windows to reflect the expanded choice of payment types.
  • One payment per invoice set or one payment per-vendor option set on the vendor and not for each payment batch.
  • Copy user access across dimensions in Analytical Accounting

For more information about enhancements, check out this new feature video.

Thinking about upgrading?

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