Custom Software Development Services: Leaving Clients Self-Sufficient

Oftentimes our custom software development services team is engaged to develop a core business system for clients who either currently have custom software developers on staff, or who want to have developers added to their IT teams to take over the care and feeding of the system we leave in place.

I believe it is a testament to our culture to do what’s “right” for our customers, by fully supporting client needs along these lines, even though it means less work for us in the short term.

For clients who want software developers added to their IT teams, we often help by screening and recommending candidates. After that, we often help them implement custom software development processes within their IT organization, train them in those processes, and then mentor them through their first project or two.

For clients who have developers on staff, we normally review our design and build plans and modify them to incorporate their team members in the roles they best fit. We also build some additional time into the plan to train them on our custom software development best practices as well as training on our software architecture for scalable business applications, called Foundation.NET.

Besides developers, it’s quite common for other client team members to join our project teams… report writers, DBAs, business analysts, and almost always, testers. From our perspective, these team members help us make sure we have access to the right information quickly, and speed up the project by enlisting the help of those who really know the most about the business. From our client’s perspective, this blended team both reduces project costs AND begins the transition activities early in the project.

Regardless of the exact circumstance, our clients can see that we want to help them succeed, even when it means less work for us in the short term.

We are perfectly ok with less work for us in the short term when it means longer, deeper, and more trusting relationships with our clients.

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