How to Add MS Dynamics CRM Entities to Favorites in Outlook 2010

Adding Microsoft Dynamics CRM Entity Folders to Favorites Area in Outlook

A client had installed the CRM client for Outlook (Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 and Outlook 2010) and I was trying to show him how to add CRM entity folders to the favorites area in Outlook. But when he right-clicked on the CRM folder name (e.g., Accounts), the menu item for "Add to Favorites" was not listed. This was a first for me so I did some research and found Microsoft KB article 2494600 titled "There is no option to add Microsoft Dynamics CRM entities to favorites in Microsoft Office Outlook 2010."

This Microsoft KB article mentions that the issue is due to a limitation of the solution module for Outlook 2010 and describes how to create a registry key named "DisableSolutionsModule" to resolve the issue.

I definitely recommend enabling this feature because it reduces the number of clicks needed to access frequently-used Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 functionality.

If you do choose to enable this feature, then I suggest you add the registry key immediately after installing the CRM client for Outlook.

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