Offender Tracking Software a Necessity

It's no surprise that technology has made our lives easier. It's managed to work its way into practically every corner of our lives, though some do reminisce about the days gone by when times were simpler. When it comes to managing all of the paperwork and technicalities that are needed to run prisons and correctional facilities, we should not be resorting to older methods, even if they served well in the past. There have been too many errors in paperwork to count, and a management software suite can track changes and detailed information about past and present offenders. The safety of the public, facility staff and inmates is crucial and setting a system in place to eradicate errors is imperative. 

Egregious Errors

While there are very few purposeful mistakes in the prison system, errors do take place because of the sheer number of people incarcerated. These oversights could have been caught or wouldn't have happened in the first place if there had been measures, such as a program, in place to prevent them. In an instance of error is the case of Texas against a man accused and convicted of the arson murder of his daughter. A lawyer allegedly pressured another inmate to testify against the defendant in exchange for a reduced sentence, asserted The Marshall Project. The inmate's records show that his conviction had been downgraded on his file, but no one took responsibility for this change. As a result, the inmate was eligible for immediate parole. The lawyer in question denied that he had anything to do with the inmate in any capacity, leaving a lot of room for speculation.

Changes in the Industry

This is just one of the many examples of why software that tracks the changes of inmate files is a necessity. It's imperative that records be kept meticulously to have as much order as possible in and out of correctional facilities. Tribridge Offender360 is just the software suite to handle such a task. With this program, facilities can manage daily operations and track or monitor parolees to keep the public as safe as possible.

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