More Spreadsheets Equals Bigger Business Gaps

This blog is part of our Growth Gets Complicated series, which discusses ways your mid-market business can scale with cloud-based, single-source financial and commerce management.

Even though you're familiar with spreadsheets and likely manage too many of them, it doesn't mean they're necessarily helping you or your business. In fact, it's much more likely those spreadsheets are creating gaps that disconnect sales from marketing or operations from sales. All of which can negatively impact your bottom line.

As your business has grown, you may have added spreadsheets in an attempt to connect departments and processes, but it's simply creating more questions and doubt that will ultimately limit your ability to forecast and plan for future growth.

Break the spreadsheet madness, without breaking the bank

In a perfect world, processes would be automated and every detail in every department would be connected in one way, shape, or form. A perfect world may be a pipe dream, but in order to close those gaps, the best first step is to seek out and implement an integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution. One that won't break the bank, but will break the spreadsheet cycle.

A cloud-based, single-source financial and commerce management solution can help you:

  • Eliminate the spreadsheets that crush efficiency and push data out of the system so employees have one source for all their business data needs. No questioning. No doubt.
  • Reduce the time spent on manual reconciliations which, in turn, reduces manual errors.
  • Speed up the financial close process with rule-based allocations and consolidations. Closing the books each month should NOT be a month-long process. One ERP solution helps you access real-time data through real-time and connected processes.
  • Save employees from checking three different systems to get the answers they need. Not only is this a frustrating scenario for employees, it's an error-prone way to run your business.

To learn more, check out our eBook, Growth gets complicated. Prepare to scale your business with cloud-based, single-source financial and commerce management.

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