Microsoft Dynamics CRM E-mail Router Installation

Installation of Dynamics CRM E-mail Router

I recently had the opportunity to install a CRM server and ran across an issue I hadn’t previously experienced when installing the Microsoft Dynamics CRM e-mail router.

During the first few steps of the CRM wizard installation process, you will encounter a screen where the Microsoft Dynamics CRM e-mail router identifies any prerequisite applications required for installing the server. One of the required components for the CRM e-mail router installation is Microsoft Application Error Reporting. Yet, when I selected the install button, the component failed to install.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM e-mail router setup 

That was a new one for me so I launched an Internet search on the error and came across this Microsoft Application Error Reporting post for Dynamics CRM e-mail router, which pointed me in the right direction for a solution. If you run into this issue when installing your CRM e-mail router, you should be able to address it by taking the following steps:

  1. Open the control panel
  2. Go to programs, programs and features
  3. Select Microsoft Application Error Reporting from the list of programs and features
  4. Select repair from the top navigation menu
CRM e-mail router programs and features

Once the repair is complete, you should be able to move forward with the CRM e-mail router installation. I hope this helps if you run across this issue. If you have any other Microsoft Application Error Reporting questions, please feel free to ask them in the comments below.

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