Care Everywhere: How to Improve the Customer Experience

Customers are smart. Really smart. Making them smarter about your company’s products and services in ways that make interactions super easy drives exceptional customer experiences. Putting power in their hands drives loyalty, advocacy and wide smiles.

Consider this. When was the last time you actually spoke to a customer care agent to make a purchase? It has probably been a while, hasn't it? On the other hand, when was the last time you spoke to someone about resolving an issue with a purchase? Probably recently. The goal is making the issue resolution process as simple, seamless and satisfying as making a purchase.

Seek the Truth

Understand your customer's wants, needs, perceptions and behaviors. Most companies are data rich with terabytes of individual pieces of data on each customer. Their interactions, purchases, issues recorded in disparate places are spread throughout the business. Seek truth in the data by transforming it into actionable information. Transforming the customer experience begins with understanding the truth about customer behavior. Are loyalty program members the most profitable customers or just serial joiners? Do your customer personas behave in reality today the way you predicted? Ask the hard questions so the answers become the foundational bricks of your gold class customer experience.

Build in Enchantment

Emotions drive memories, both positive and negative. Reduce or remove any possible negative experiences from your interactions. 84% of consumers use web or mobile self-service to find answers while they increasingly rely on forums and communities to resolve issues. Empower your brand to increase customer satisfaction, reduce and deflect traffic from other, higher cost channels and increase first contact resolution by making it easy for that 84% majority to solve issues on their own.

Offer customers an open door into a place filled with the answers they need, when they need them. Have as many doors open as customers want to use, when they want to use them. Use the truths you know about your customers to build an enchanting experience around those truths. Make positive memories by meeting your customer at the door with all the tools they need to resolve any issue. Offer customers best actions based on what you know about them and the issue.

Make it Easy for Your Agents

As the questions get harder and the technology gets better, your front-line brand ambassadors are more challenged to meet customer needs. Forrester tells us only 4% of customer service organizations can solve an inquiry using a single application. That means while your customer is hoping for a quick, accurate resolution to an issue, the service agent is banging through multiple applications to search for answers. While offering customers multiple doors to open is an easy customer experience, saddling service staff with multiple doors is a difficult, frustrating experience. Enable your agents with a single-pane-of –glass experience. Your ambassadors will delight in the experience and pass on their smiles to your customers.

Build the Experience You Expect to Have

Improving the customer experience is, at the core, about knowing the service standards customers expect and delivering them consistently across every possible touch point. Ask yourself: is the experience I offer my customers the one that I would expect to have?

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