Meet and Master Customer Demands

This blog is part of our Growth Gets Complicated series, which discusses ways your mid-market business can scale with cloud-based, single-source financial and commerce management.

Although the internet has made buying more accessible for the customer, it has complicated your sales process and is forcing a dramatic change in how you communicate and sell. With these expectations from customers comes the need to adapt as a business.

Where do you even begin? First and foremost, you need to create a seamless and intuitive buying experience for your customers. The best possible way to achieve this is to implement a cloud-based, single-source solution that syncs the front-end sales experience with the back-end accounting and order fulfillment processes.

Let's break that down a bit...

We say cloud-based for a couple of reasons:

  • An on-premise solution no longer keeps up with the way of business that it once did. If you have a cloud solution, you don't have to worry about downtime during upgrades or paying costly fees to scale and extend your system.
  • Keeping a competitive edge means keeping business costs in check. The cloud eliminates the need to make an overwhelming capital investment and instead turns it into an operating expense that can be regulated as you grow.

It's one thing to have the best technology in the forefront for customers and another thing to take that technology to the next level by fulfilling the order and offering proper order detail to customers along the way.

For that reason, we say single-source because only then can you:

  • Provide self-service capabilities via portals for customers, vendors and partners which frees up sales and service teams to focus on issues that need a personal approach.
  • Give sales and service reps visibility to schedules and orders from placement through delivery so they can respond to questions instantly.
  • Collaborate with trading partners on marketing and promotions to work as a team.

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