Tribridge Academy Provides Key Components for Success

I have learned through experience that communication with team members and clients is the most important part of life as a software developer. Although I don’t consider myself one for the gift of gab, I have realized, through the help of the Tribridge Academy, to make communication a top priority in my job.

For those who may not be familiar, the Tribridge Academy is developed for Tribridge employees to help maximize their potential through training courses. The Academy offers 3,000 online courses to new and current workers. Each employee is given a set of tasks, be it videos to watch or scripts to follow, which help enhance employee day-to-day productivity including anything from management style to time management. These courses have been essential in helping improve my time management, proactive issue resolution, and even communicating more concisely through the phone and email with customers.

Through my time management skills, I am better able to compartmentalize my day and provide better communication and service to our customers. For example, the lessons learned from the Academy have come in very handy including one of our Microsoft Dynamics NAV customers. The project presented some difficult decisions along the way but because we were proactive in communicating with the customer, the project was a success and came in on time and under budget. Most importantly, the customer was happy.

Another Tribridge facet for better communication is the procedures and documentation we have setup to ensure project success. From installation to on-going customer care, everything is documented and every aspect of the project is available to view at the click of a mouse including server configuration, object modification, etc.

Another aspect of Tribridge that’s unique is the culture and the people with whom I work. There has never been a time where I have had an issue that I was not helped by more than one of my team members which helps everyone succeed.

Through our procedures, Tribridge Academy learning and my fellow employees, I have learned that communication is such a key component to everyone’s success and allows us to provide the best customer experience possible.

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