Why Your Jail Needs a Flexible System

When migrating clients away from older jail management or offender management systems, many explain that their outdated systems have been too limited. Their jails need a more flexible management system.

Users of such legacy systems often feel hindered because they're not able to add new functions. Perhaps it's technically impossible to make a desired change to that system or financially inadvisable to accommodate a new business function.

A flexible system allows you to capture relevant data at the right level, pull appropriate information any time and apply it to a specific need. For instance, you may need the information to prepare for an inmate release or to create a list of inmates that need transportation on a given day.

When moved to a modern system, we find that clients use the querying capability heavily. In fact, they will often use this functionality as a work view for operations roles, such as transportation. Dashboards provide charts for a variety of things, such as inmates that have not yet been classified for a housing assignment, re-classification or incomplete risk assessments.

Another benefit of upgrading to a flexible management system is reducing paperwork. With older systems, including some still running on mainframes, corrections officials are forced to manually compile lists, print them on paper and return to the system to log new information later.

Agencies using older systems commonly resort to creating generic note fields, or using separate Excel spreadsheets, often skewing or diminishing the efficiency of systems designed for tracking data. Especially in the data conversion exercise we go through with implementations, we find historical misuse or inconsistent use of fields or functions within legacy jail management systems because users couldn't accomplish what they needed due to technical or financial issues.

Some agencies have tried to implement solutions by themselves, only to be dissatisfied with the results.

Tribridge emphasizes end-user training; the key aim is to make it easy to understand how to use each system. Speak with our experts about our Offender360 jail management software that is built on a flexible framework that can be tailored to your agency's needs.

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