What’s Next for Dynamics SL 2018

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Dynamics SL 2018 was released on May 1st, 2018. The long awaited next release of Dynamics SL brings forward transformational technology enablers to consider.

Digital transformation is more than a buzzword; it is a reality. A recent visit with a customer underscored this for me as our teams laid the foundation for what digital transformation is and why it is important.  The customer outlined how the technology they use connects in real-time their sales and distribution functions to replenish supply, while providing real-time pricing adjustments based upon demand and consumption. The part of their business that needed innovation was their back office systems:  Dynamics SL and Office 365. 

Transformational technology enablers are available now in Dynamics SL 2018. For years, you have taken advantage of primarily the integrations with Microsoft Excel. You have output Quick Queries to Excel, used Excel to integrate Journal Entries from a payroll provider and have been able to work more efficiently.  Now it is time to work more EFFECTIVELY! 

Office 365 provides a variety of plans offering the Microsoft Office Suite including online access to e-mail, OneDrive for effective file sharing and, what is most important to me, is that if my Microsoft Surface were to be lost, stolen or damaged, my files are safely and securely stored in the cloud.  That’s all cool, but it’s also technology that has been around for a while.  Upgrades to Dynamics SL allow customers to take full advantage of Office 365. 

Enter the top features requested by customers:  PowerBI, PowerApps,Microsoft Flow and Web Apps.

  • PowerBI visualizes data within your Dynamics SL solution like never before.
  • Microsoft PowerApps is a service for creating and using custom business apps across platforms.Get apps to your team when and where they are needed, whether that’s on the web, Windows, iOS or Android—no app store required.
  • Microsoft Flow is a way to monitor, notify and take action on information in your Dynamics SL solution utilizing prebuilt templates such as: View Customer Receivables Due, View Aging and Approving Transactions.
    • PowerApps and Flow combine together to bring next generation workflow management and approval submissions to the Dynamics SL users.Imagine, having a workflow e-mail that shows on your phone the relevant information you need to make a decision and easy to process links to approve, return or otherwise process requests.
  • Web Apps allows you to utilize any device from anywhere to access your Dynamics SL data. New features and updates are released to the Web Apps every month. A few recent additions include adding custom menu tiles and updated timecard entry features.

We are at a time when many of our customers are looking to make transformational change.  Therefore, we offer what we call our Adoption Essentials Program, which offers ongoing, unlimited support on the Dynamics SL application, as well as continual Digital Transformation Workshops to empower customers to adopt new functionality and features.  More than training, Adoption Essentials is an empowerment tool for your business. 

Dynamics SL users can contact Tribridge for a business assessment to help you make sense of your options and begin your digital transformation journey!

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