Are Managed Services Right for You?

A powerful talent management solution, such as Cornerstone OnDemand, gives organizations the opportunity to better engage, develop and promote their most valuable resource: their human capital.

If you've recently implemented Cornerstone, it's likely that you're already reaping the benefits of bringing the entire employee lifecycle under one unified platform. With the big picture of your workforce, from entire departments to individual employees' learning and performance, you now have the power to transcend volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity, while simultaneously being more competitive.

Unifying all the stages of the employee life cycle saves time and money by streamlining previously paper-or spreadsheet-driven processes. But now there are new demands on your time. The same system that's helped you eliminate paper-based processes and given you the big-picture view of your talent comes with its own set of challenges.

Technology can be a godsend. It enables greater organizational and individual capabilities and the ever-important capability to do more with less. Yet the success of your talent management strategy — and your bottom line - takes more than just a powerful platform.

There are many features you probably love about your unified talent management platform. The ability to:

  • Unify performance and learning
  • Grow your candidate pool
  • Plan for succession beyond the C-level
  • Effortlessly onboard new employees for greater productivity and engagement

These capabilities are possible because of your system's flexibility, complexity, configurability and power.

Yet these same advantages are probably also giving you the biggest headaches.

If you're not able to support the system fully - and most companies simply can't - your user adoption, ROI and even your talent strategy are going to suffer.

Your business or organization is already successful for many reasons: your product or service, your marketing, your mission. But the biggest factor in your success is your people power. Your talent is your team of experts, the people who can do all the things you can't. The mark of a smart leader - and a smart organization? They know what they don't know. Then they hire others who have expertise in the areas they themselves don't.

This same strategy applies to your talent management platform. Getting the most from your platform's power, complexity and configurability requires both time and deep expertise. Even if you have both, you likely have enough tasks on your plate. Partnering with a team of experts in talent management software not only reduces the administrative burden on you and your team but ensures that you use all the functionality of your system.

In talent management, these experts are known as a managed services team. A managed services team's sole purpose is to step in when you need them - for a few days, a few months, or even all year. Managed services:

  • Ensure that your employees have time to focus on strategic initiatives rather than daily tactical administration of the platform
  • Give your client administrators the ability to efficiently manage the platform portal instead of hiring additional administrators
  • Deliver outside expertise and experience to identify potential shortcomings and to recommend enhancements, based on daily interactions with the system and its users
  • Offer worry-free administration by experienced staff, no matter where you are in your growth or business model

Sometimes you just can't do it all! View our infographic, "Are Managed Services Right for You?" to find out more about what kinds of projects and tasks Tribridge Managed Services can help with!

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