Connecting Dynamics NAV Customers with the Tribridge Connect Factbox

At Tribridge, we want to help our customers solve their business challenges, however sometimes you may not be aware of all that Tribridge offers or how we can help. Even though you may have purchased Microsoft Dynamics NAV from us, we do not view our customers as “NAV customers” but as a “Tribridge customer” because Tribridge offers a complete range of services in wide array of business applications and cloud services that can help you across your entire organization.

In an effort to educate our customers of how we can help beyond what was originally purchased, the Tribridge team has created the Tribridge Connect Factbox for Dynamics NAV.  Not only is it a way to inform our customers but the Factbox ties the Dynamics NAV application directly to our Customer Care support.

Tribridge Connect Factbox for Dynamics NAV

Here's how it works. The Factbox is deployed on the Microsoft Dynamics NAV role center homepage for each user of Dynamics NAV. By appearing this way in the product it allows more staff within your organization to know more about Tribridge versus only a few contacts.


The upper right box connects directly to Customer Care where you can launch a support email directly from NAV, view your support portal, and access to related links and content like NAVUG.


Below this box, an RSS feed delivers social media to the user. For example, any Tribridge social media activities including Tweets and RSS feeds, are refreshed to the user’s homepage allowing them to see upcoming webinars, articles, blog posts, etc. from Tribridge across all of our services. 

Tribridge is currently deploying this solution into new Dynamics NAV implementations, and it is available to all our existing NAV customers on the role tailored client. 

Interested in learning more about the Tribridge Connect Factbox or Dynamics NAV? Please leave your comments below or email me at

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