Answering the Call: Personalizing Care Experiences via Contact Centers

Next week, Chicago (my hometown) will host Healthcare Call Center Times' Annual Conference of Healthcare Call Centers. "Taking Off" is the theme of this year’s event. This got me thinking, where are we taking off to...?

I often mention the stat that 30 to 50% of U.S. ER visits are for non-urgent conditions. This overuse of the ER adds unnecessary costs, but doesn't actually improve patient outcomes or care experiences.

A better approach, which many health systems are beginning to adopt, makes call centers more central to patient experience and engagement. But not all call centers are created equal - everything from HCAHPS scores to patient outcomes depend on a highly personalized experience. This, I believe, is where we're taking off to.

What experience is your health system having with call centers? Are they playing a larger role in your patients' care experiences and your population health objectives? If you're attending the conference this year, we'd love to have you stop by our booth (#4) to share your experiences. We're particularly interested in your experience with Schmitt-Thompson telehealth triage protocols and how you may be using them. We’ll share more information on how our Health360 solution now includes the Telehealth Guidelines from Schmitt-Thompson (one of our cloud-based partners) helping to automate and personalize call center episodes and telehealth sessions for care providers.

The conference is a great opportunity to compare notes on what's working and what's not. The sessions look interesting, especially since we'll be hearing from RNs and others who are innovating on the front lines. I look forward to seeing you next week.

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