Continued Innovation with Future Dynamics NAV Release “Corfu”

Microsoft’s next major release of Dynamics NAV, codenamed “Corfu”, set for release later this year, is packed with functionality enhancements.  Past releases have positioned Microsoft Dynamics NAV to continue to deliver new functionality faster to customers and once again Microsoft is delivering a new release within a year with Corfu.

Tribridge is fortunate to be on the cutting edge of the improvements of Dynamics NAV.  Tribridge was selected as 1 of 9 Partners worldwide into the Microsoft TAP (Technology Adopter Program) for Dynamics NAV with one of our customers.  During this process we have direct access to the Microsoft development team, provide feedback to Microsoft on design and will go-live on a pre-market solution of Dynamics NAV Corfu in the next month.

As part of an agreement with Microsoft, we cannot share everything that we know about the release however we can discuss what Microsoft has made public through conferences and publication.  Microsoft Dynamics NAV is also a completely agile development and the roadmap is ever-changing.  We do know there are major enhancements in functionality around - Workflow, Document Management and OCR, e-services integration and streamlined UX: mobile (phone, tablet), windows and web clients. 


Dynamics NAV has had limited out-of-the-box ability around workflow being mainly confined to sales and purchase document approval workflow.  Third party solutions built in or integrated to Dynamics NAV have been on the market for some time.  Microsoft has seen the need to harvest the data in Dynamics NAV and is building tools built on workflow, rules and events to proactively provide recommendations within the application.

Document Management and OCR

With the release of Corfu there will be an increased capability to go further into the paperless world.  New features enhancing the capability to handle paper records via optical character recognition (OCR) and document scanning.  This potentially could drive ISVs in this area to enhance their solution with the platform Microsoft is building or give customers more out of the box features.


Another major area of improvement is the development of more e-services integration. Microsoft is encouraging partners and ISVs to build e-services integration while continuing Microsoft’s philosophy of the "mobile-first, cloud-first" world.  You can see how this started in NAV 2015 with AMC Banking Services interfacing with Dynamics NAV (

Building enhancements to e-services opens the door for new cloud based service integration.  Imagine a better platform for services for… address validation, currency rate retrievals, payroll imports or credit checks.

There are several other great enhancements especially around the finance area that will be huge for the U.S. Market.  I wish I could go into more detail but you will soon see as the release is quickly coming around the corner!

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