You Down with BCC?

Greg Pierce

Have you ever sent an e-mail BCC? So… a reference to an early 90’s song (“OPP”, Naughty By Nature) may at first appear to be a bit abstruse. However, the main concept is the same. The original song is about, well – getting caught cheating, and BCC can lead to the same embarrassment.

In this wonderful Cloud world of distributed workforce, we sometimes send a message to someone intended to receive a message (the “TO”) and someone who should be informed of the message (the “CC” – carbon copy), and often times a mysterious third party whom we would like to see the message (the “BCC” – BLIND carbon copy) but we endeavor to hide from the other recipients of the e-mail.

This BCC game has been going on for as long as e-mail has been a tool for businesses. I have to admit that I have never been a big BCC fan – if you have something to say then by God just say it – but there are many who subscribe to the BCC mantra.

The biggest problem with BCC lay with our new, mobile world - it’s fairly difficult to determine if you lie on the TO, CC, or BCC line on most modern phones. Imagine receiving an e-mail where you are BCC’d (and the “TO” and “CC” recipients would be loath to see you had been included in the communication) Now imagine that you hit “Reply All” on your phone…ouch.

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