The Top 5 Enhancements in the Latest Release of Dynamics GP

Microsoft Dynamics GP—the most implemented ERP in the US—has a new release, Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016.

Microsoft has listened to users and has incorporated feedback with these exciting, beneficial changes:

  • Most of the new version buzz is hyping up the Dynamics GP 2016 HTML5 Web Client, and for good reason. Formerly powered by Silverlight, the new Dynamics GP Web Client powered by HTML5 enables a more agile cloud solution with improved accessibility for users.
  • The most exciting BI update is interaction with POWER BI, Microsoft's BI tool of the future. This product is available for free for users. You can download it right from Microsoft's POWER BI page, and link it to your company's active directory site.
  • Perhaps the most convenient updates for users is the ability to create new SmartLists from favorites in the latest version, as well as workflow reassignment notifications.
  • In Financials, there are new GP budget exception reports. When importing a budget from Excel, an exception report will print and display accounts that aren't setup in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016, and now numbers that are exported from Excel will be formatted as a number rather than text to streamline Dynamics GP Excel reporting.
  • Sales All-in-one Doc View - this feature allows users to view all related sales documents for a single transaction in one window.

Have you been considering upgrading to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 but you want to know more about what the upgrade has to offer? Check out this webcast to learn more about these top five features and other new release functionality.

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