How to Seamlessly Track CEUs in an LMS

If you are operating in a highly-regulated industry such as law, finance or healthcare, you understand how important it is for your employees to meet their continuing education (CE) requirements. CE not only supports your talent management initiatives, but when professionals such as nurses, accountants and paralegals fail to achieve CE compliance, they face fines, suspension and even revocation or licensure… all of which affect your firm.  

Intricate rules and myriad requirements at the federal, state and local levels have put new demands on professionals and companies. The accelerated pace of technology has also increased the need for and, in some cases, expanded regulation of CE.

How Are You Tracking Continuing Education?

Are you using Microsoft Access or Excel? Or, have you purchased a CE tracking application? There are many options available and, unfortunately, most of them are a challenge to manage. In the end, it's costing you time and money because, at some point, you have to manually intervene to ensure that the CE credits are accurately tracked and reported.

One of the biggest issues I've observed is that companies cannot easily track CE within their learning management system (LMS), and therefore, are unsure of whether employees have met all their compliance requirements. When there is a gap between an LMS and a CE tracking application, then it's difficult to accurately view employee progress and track complex rules and certifications across external accreditation systems.

What do Cornerstone Users Want?

As a Cornerstone OnDemand partner, Tribridge has focused efforts on learning more about what Cornerstone users are looking for to fill that gap between their CE tracking and their LMS. We've learned that they want a system that collects CE jurisdictional requirements from across the nation and around the world and puts them into a central rule repository, then aggregates them with all their user data, transcript data and learning objects from Cornerstone to check for user compliance.

We've also learned that they want to make it possible for learners to easily view their professional development progress for the jurisdictional requirements of their area and profession.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Software, Powered by AmplifyHR

Tribridge offers a solution that streamlines compliance reporting by integrating CPD tracking into Cornerstone OnDemand. With this software, you can:

  • Track certification and membership progress
  • Manage professional development in one central location and through one standardized process—by jurisdiction, subject matter, etc.
  • Integrate with Cornerstone to see it all at a glance

Watch a short video to learn more about CPD.

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