Tips to Better Manage Client Sessions in Dynamics NAV

As a Dynamics NAV user, have you ever seen this message?


Often companies with Dynamics NAV have users consuming a concurrent NAV user session license while they are out to lunch or away from their computer.  If all concurrent licenses are consumed, this blocks other users needing access to Dynamics NAV while these users are not working inside of the application. With the Dynamics NAV 2013 (and later) Administration tool, Microsoft has introduced some settings that can help manage some of these issues.

Idle Client Timeout, Max Number of Orphaned Connections, and Reconnect Period are 3 fields that have been added to NAV 2013 and 2013 R2 Administration Client to help with Client Session Management.  The values shown below are the default values and can be changed with the Administration Client.


Idle Client Timeout

  • The interval of time that a client session can remain inactive before the session is dropped.
  • Time interval format: [dd.]hh:mm:ss[.ff]
  • You can also use MaxValue to indicate no timeout.

 By adjusting the Idle Client Timeout to a specific time interval (say 5 or 10 minutes) instead of “MaxValue”, users would be logged off and not user one of the licensed sessions.  This setting is useful for those users that leave the workstation for extend periods and don’t log off. 

Max Number of Orphaned Connections

  • Specifies the maximum number of orphaned connections to be kept alive simultaneously for the time that is specified by ReconnectPeriod.
  • A connection is said to be orphaned when the client is involuntarily disconnected from Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server.
  • You can also use MaxValue as a value to indicate no limit.

Reconnect Period

  • The amount of time during which a client can reconnect to a running instance of Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server.
  • Time span format: [dd.]hh:mm:ss[.ff]
  • You can also use MaxValue as a value to indicate no time limit.

Max Number of Orphaned Connections and Reconnect Period work together to manage orphaned connections. An orphaned connection is a session that has been involuntarily disconnected from Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server.  If the company tightly managing the number of concurrent licensed users these two settings can be reduced to allow the available licenses to free up more quickly. 

Every company is different and will need to set these options according to what is best for their user base. Each time a setting is changed and saved, the NAV service will need to restart for the changes to take effect.

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