Is Your Talent Management System Supporting Your Strategic Vision?

Are you focusing on outcomes or outputs in your talent management system?

I work with many corporations across industries, size and geographies and I have seen some use their Talent Management System (TMS) with wild success while others struggle with the most basic concepts.  The companies that struggle are not always those you would expect - the fast growing mid-market or stodgy corporations hanging on from last century - but brands that you use every day in your home.  What makes certain companies successful using their TMS and others flounder?

As it turns out, the reasons are as unique as the companies themselves, but common challenges include:

  1. Personnel skill
  2. Leadership vision
  3. Political infighting
  4. Lack of brand awareness
  5. Not having a thoughtful planned approach to talent management

All of these take time, money and hard work to solve.  However, for certain companies there is an opportunity to make quick inroads to tackling this problem.  But first we have to prove there is indeed an impediment blocking their success.  While no one wants to admit their house is not in order, answering some hard questions will help reveal what and where problems lie.  

While working with clients for the past eighteen years, I have found that asking a variety of questions can help pinpoint the problem areas.  These are great starting points:

If there are pain points in any of these questions, the company may be managing their workflow to fit the system instead of managing the system to fit their needs.

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