Troubleshooting CRM: Associate a Workflow with a Custom Entity

Troubleshooting CRM Custom Entities

Troubleshooting CRM issue: You have a workflow that is set to create a custom activity entity; however it does not associate with the CRM custom entity as it did in your test environment.

For my first post I would like to bring a problem with a new feature in CRM 2011. The feature is with the new CRM custom entity created as an activity (shown below). But I unchecked the “Display in Activity Menus” bit.

Troubleshooting CRM custom entities

My client uses workflows to create activities for scheduling clients. I wanted a new activity that the workflow could use but no users in the system could manually create. After upgrading the client to CRM 2011 I thought this would be a perfect solution. So I created the new activity and implemented it with the workflows in the development environment.

Everything was working as expected and after testing and sign off we then moved CRM customizations to the new production server. When the client started using the workflows they noticed the activities were no longer being created. I check the system and I found that the activities were in fact being created, but the system could no longer associate the lookup values.

After investigation and opening a case with MS the answer I received was: “It is too complicated to fix this issue now. Changing the “Display in Activity Menus” bit is scheduled to be introduced in the next version of CRM. The solution was to recreate my activity entities and update the workflows.

Though this solution works great in a single environment, I caution anyone from troubleshooting CRM and implementing it as I did. Moving to new environments or possibly upgrading could break the customizations. And no one wants that!

Have any additional questions involving troubleshooting custom entities in CRM 2011? I’d like to hear from you. Please feel free to comment below.

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