Do you remember the 80s sitcom Growing Pains? You know—the pesky younger brother, the sister with a perfected eye roll, and, my favorite, the hilarious older brother Mike Seaver. The show was great, but when it comes to growing and modernizing your healthcare company, it’s not so hilarious to experience growing pains.

Where do you start?

1.Move away from legacy systems that don't talk to each other

Every separate application that a healthcare company runs—patient billing, accounting, financial planning, order management, CRM, payroll and business intelligence—represents extra resources wasted by your IT department deploying, integrating, managing and upgrading that system. Not to mention juggling licensing requirements for several different pieces of software, often from numerous vendors, making the risk of noncompliance much higher. And if your systems aren't talking to each other, there's double or triple entry, and data slipping through the cracks.

Tribridge Healthcare for NetSuite integrates financial, patient, and other information with EMR and EHR systems in a bi-directional manner.

2. Streamline Supply Chain Management

While other sectors have experienced success through the deployment of supply chain management practices, the healthcare sector has not seen major improvements in this area. Imagine being able get patients out of the waiting room faster and, while in the exam or procedure room, being able to focus on the patient and only the patient instead of searching around for sutures or other supplies. When a scheduled procedure or appointment is scheduled via the EMR, the system ensures that the supplies are already in the room and on the tray, resulting in improved satisfaction from the patient and nurse.

Tribridge Healthcare for NetSuite helps you reduce cost and boost patient and staff satisfaction by maintaining optimal inventory levels, reduce overstock and wastage of expiry-dated items. The solution offers powerful automation through requisition management, efficient procurement, fulfillment processes, PAR management and purchasing cycles.

3. HIPAA Compliance in the Cloud

Most cloud based solutions are not HIPAA compliant right out of the box, including NetSuite. Tribridge delivers the healthcare industry's highest level of security and data privacy through Concerto Cloud Services. You can exceed your security, compliance and service requirements. There's built-in HIPAA compliance from the application down through the physical layer.

It is possible to improve patient care, reduce cost, improve patient satisfaction, AND grow without the pain. Watch our on-demand webinar to learn how our NetSuite healthcare solutions offer comprehensive financial management, materials management and EMR integration, and help you achieve HIPAA compliance.

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