What’s New with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition

Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition is truly evolving at an exciting pace. The latest release introduced more changes than any Dynamics release in recent history with a focus on user experience, mobile capabilities and easier collaboration internally, as well as with customers and vendors.

Here are some of the new options that are most exciting:

  • On-premise version of Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations: This deployment option is available for companies who prefer running transactions on premise and want or need the option to keep business data stored locally versus in the Microsoft cloud. The Dynamics’ cloud consultants at Tribridge can help assess a move to Dynamics 365 to identify migration and management requirements allowing you to modernize workloads in advance of Dynamics 365 then make the move with no penalties.
  • New Activity license option for Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations: The activity license provides an option for users in between two current levels of Full User and Team Member.
  • Prospect to Cash Integration: This integration brings us even closer to a fully unified solution with the ability to sync account, contact, product and quote information along with sales orders and invoices.
  • Dynamics 365 for Talent: Centralize your HR programs and streamline your processes for benefits, leave and absence management, credentialing, compliance and more. Talent can be licensed individually and is also included in the Unified Operations Plan.
  • Dynamics 365 for Retail: Optimize retail operations by bringing digital, in store, and back office aspects of your operations together. Retail can be licensed individually and is also included in the Unified Operations Plan.

Here is a breakdown of highlights for each of the editions and some of my favorite features:

Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations, Enterprise Edition Highlights

  • Main account & dimension value can now be removed if there are no posted transactions
  • Accounts payable check format: Two (2) templates provided
  • Financial Reports & SharePoint: Publish reports to SharePoint and set-up alerts to be notified when a new report is available
  • Additional embedded analytics: For Customer Management, Payables and Vendor Management, as well as CFOs
  • Mobile capabilities: Expanded to include invoice approval and expense management
  • Cash Flow Forecasting with Power BI reports: Improves visibility into cash flow, provides the ability to analyze inflows by legal entity and bank account and also provides insight about future cash inflow and outflow

Dynamics 365 Sales & Customer Service, Enterprise Edition Highlights

  • 360° view of the customer is richer than ever with Customer Insights: Customer Insights uses Cortana Intelligence Suite and connects to transactional data sources and model profiles of customers and their interactions
  • App for Outlook enhanced: Users can view certain Dynamics 365 Sales information from within Outlook. Check out information about the people on an email's To: or Cc: list, or open D365 records to find or enter additional information
  • Relationship Insights: Continuously analyzes data to help users better understand and nurture business relationships. Key features help users prioritize prospects, monitor the health of relationships, and provide reminders based on tailored, actionable insights
  • Office 365 integration: Improves user experience and productivity. Send email directly from Dynamics 365 using Exchange Online, and share sales material with customers using SharePoint Online

Dynamics 365 Sales, Customer Service, Field Service & Project Service, Enterprise Edition Highlights

  • Use Virtual Entities to integrate external data
  • Visual Process Designer: Drag-and-drop capabilities for business process flows, task flows and business recommendations
  • Scenario-based Machine Learning: Sales Insights integrated into the user interface for product cross-sell recommendations
  • Customer Engagement portals can track customer interaction: Portal tracking information provides additional data about customer behaviors to further build out the 360° view of your customer
  • Task Based Experiences: Data from multiple entities can be presented as a single user experience, simplifying how a user sees and can interact with information related to the same deal as an example
  • Cortana Integration: Embeds sales activities, accounts and opportunities into Cortana providing a sales digest, account overview, deal overview and meeting prep support

Now, there are more ways than ever to maximize the value you can get from your technology investments in ERP and CRM. You can solve more internal operations and finance related challenges and achieve more of the sales, customer service and customer experience results you need to thrive by leveraging the ever-expanding capabilities of Dynamics 365.

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