Personalizing Patient Care with Health360 Visual Indicators

During a recent customer engagement, the Health360 team was challenged to provide end-users a way to quickly determine a patient's status. This includes behaviorally, socially and medically – all in one glance. Did I mention this also needs to be available from the CRM mobile app?

Well... challenge accepted!

Using a combination of icons and a set of rules with configurable parameters and thresholds, we can dynamically display visual indication within the patient record in Health360.

In a glance, a user can determine the risk level (red/yellow/green) as well as the type of indicator. The example below includes new Advanced Directives, Education Level, Income Level and Transportation.



You can hover over any of these indicators for a brief description,


And even click to view related information, if applicable. All of this information is also available in our mobile app below.


The customer loved our solution and the ability to display all of the pertinent patient information at a glance, saving time while helping to improve patient care. I'd consider that success!

Tribridge Health360 Core module now includes a library of visual indicator icons that are triggered by information captured both within Health360 and information captured via integration with one or more EMR systems (or other 3rd party applications).  Visual indicators are customizable to meet the needs of your organization's personalized patient care initiatives.

Contact us for more information on how Health360 can help your organization provide more personalized patient care.

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