5 Best Practices to Maximize Your Cornerstone Solution

Already have Cornerstone OnDemand’s talent management solution? Then it’s time to look at how your organization is using it. When you have a fully optimized talent management system, you can attract, align, develop and retain the people who will ensure your organization’s success. Let’s take a look at five best practices to maximize Cornerstone:

1. Leverage New Releases

Cornerstone does a great job of listening to its clients for enhancement suggestions and portal upgrades. Use the Rolling Roadmap to see what is scheduled to be released in the system. If you are looking for a functionality that is not scheduled to be released, leverage Suggestion City in the Client Success Center and put your ideas out there to be heard.

  • Put the dates from the release calendar in your personal calendar. This way you know when patches are being deployed, when user acceptance testing begins and when the releases go live.
  • Look at the Rolling Roadmap. This will show you what major releases will be taking place over the year.
  • Most important, do not forget to add your suggestions to Suggestion City!
  • If you attend Cornerstone’s annual user event, Convergence, make sure you attend the last session of the event. During this session, users get to vote on recommended functionality, giving you an opportunity to provide input on future releases.

2. Collaborate

Get your users involved! From senior management to front-line workers, create core teams to evaluate business processes. Give your users the power and knowledge they need to help you maximize your solution by making it easy to use and what your users are looking for.

  • Create a survey to get user feedback. Ask them what they are looking for and what they would like to see in the system.
  • The key to asking for feedback is to deliver on the suggestions. If you do not make any changes after the survey, your users may get discouraged.
  • Make an internal Rolling Roadmap so your organization can see that the system is growing with your organization.

3. Think Strategic

Align your Cornerstone portal with your organization. Look at how you can leverage system functionality to make your strategic initiatives come to life. You will be surprised at how easily Cornerstone's Learning, Performance, Succession, Compensation, Recruiting or Connect modules can turn an idea into a new business process. Talk to senior management about a process that they are having issues implementing or enforcing. Use the Cornerstone platform to make it happen!

  • Is your organization trying to align high-potential and high-performing employees with senior level positions? Create a Succession Task in which managers classify employee readiness by identifying the key skills and attributes important to your organization.
  • Do you have employees that work cross functionally within your organization? Are you looking for a way to capture their performance? Implement a 360° performance review. Include internal and external peer groups, direct reports and managers. The performance review will assess the employee performance, covering all of your bases!

4. Think Long Term

How many Cornerstone clouds are you currently engaged with? Did you start with one or two clouds and are not sure where to go next? Cornerstone clouds are fully integrated with one another. Show your workforce you are serious about their professional development and enhancing their individual careers by using the clouds together:

  • Create development plans from competency assessments.
  • Set up Career Paths in Succession Management. When users can see what positions are in their career paths and see the skills, competencies and development actions they need to take in order to get to the next level, they become empowered!

5. Get Connected

Cornerstone’s Connect platform is a great place to allow your workforce to collaborate and learn informally. Connect allows your workforce to search for quick, to-the-point facts, or they can ask an expert a question. The easier it is for users to find information, the quicker they get the information they need and the more productive they will be.

  • Start off simple and create a system user support community. Try creating user guides and FAQs.
  • Do you find that users ask the same questions over and over? Set up a Q&A topic for the system to save time. You can answer a question once and users can see the answer in the system.
  • Have users subscribe to the topics they are interested in. This way the system triggers an email when new information has been posted to that topic.
  • Create user group communities that have a dedicated leader.
  • If upper management is hesitant to give users the ability to post freely in the system, set up an approval process. You can have postings approved by the topic leader before they go live for all to see.


There are many ways to optimize your Cornerstone clouds! The easiest approach is the one that aligns with your organization. Look around. It may be simpler than you think. By maximizing the Cornerstone clouds, you can attract, align, develop and retain employees by linking their careers to your organization.

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