Know Your CRM Health for a Successful Microsoft Dynamics CRM Solution

This blog is part of our Customer Care series, where our experts address technical implementation and service questions across the Tribridge product portfolio to assure that customers have the support they need to optimize their solution most effectively and efficiently.

About this time each year, I prepare for my annual physical with my doctor. It is likely that I will not have seen much improvement since my last exam unless I have been actively pursuing some healthy goals and tracking my progress along the way. Taking an interest in health every 12 months is good, but I would be more likely to ensure a successful checkup by having regular planned actions throughout the year.

This approach is very much like taking care of your Microsoft Dynamics CRM system. In the case of a CRM solution, the health of the system should be the responsibility of at least one CRM administrator. If you are that person, you will find even small investments of time can ensure a smooth, optimized CRM solution and alert you to potential issues in the future.

So what is a healthy approach to CRM administration? I advise customers to think of dividing it into these three areas:

  • Knowledge & Training
  • Regular Monitoring of Key System Functions
  • Partnership with Experts

Knowledge & Training

Learn more about the features of the CRM solution you have today, where it is going in the future and the possibilities of adding new features and capabilities for your organization for tomorrow. 

In addition, staying up to date on the latest product releases will let you know when your system needs some "technical medicine" in the form of an update or version upgrade.

Check out the resources listed at the bottom of this blog for some great places to start learning about CRM. It is very important that CRM Administrators be aware of these sites and checking updates.

Regular Active Monitoring

Become an active participant in your CRM product by with regular monitoring of all the vital functions. Learn the techniques to stay connected to the health of your application.

Partnership with Experts

The Tribridge Customer Care team can be your partner in the care and optimization of your CRM system. Work with us for both preventative and diagnostic support assistance. 

Everyone can benefit from investing the effort to learn and understand the components of good health, such as exercise, nutrition and tracking progress. In a similar fashion, having at least a foundational understanding of what it takes to keep CRM running and how to monitor for current or potential signs of issues will lead to good CRM health. With this type of approach, you can ensure your CRM installation is healthy and running to its full potential, allowing it to serve your team for many years and support your business processes and customers.

Resource List

Updates and hotfixes that are available for Microsoft Dynamics CRM:

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Team Blog – The CRM Community has many contributors. The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Team Blog is written by a number of people and teams. Posts come from the CRM product and marketing teams, the CRM MVPs and various Microsoft partners.

Dynamics CRM User Group (CRMUG) – Join the official user group for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Users where you can network and learn more about the product.

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