7 Secrets to Increasing Productivity with Cloud Based Tools: Secret #3

There is no denying that we have finally moved past the days of passing around contracts in manila envelopes and forwarding SOWs or legal documents via interoffice mail. But is there less paperwork or documentation?

Yahoo recently shared findings about the impact of the federal governments "Reduction of Paperwork Act," implemented in 1980 and updated in 1995. They found that the federal government alone has over 23,000 forms used to track everything from the moisture content of prunes to the dating habits of teens. The report also found that in 1995 Americans spent over 6.5 million hours filling out all of these forms. Yet in 2016, we will spend more than 10.8 billion hours on federal paperwork.

The reality is that there is more documentation than ever. How can this be? And how do you manage it all, let alone prioritize, share, organize and update it without doing redundant wasteful work?

SharePoint Server is leveraged by many organizations to enable rich, seamless and productive collaboration – the kind of collaboration businesses need to keep growing, keep innovating and keep working towards a more profitable and productive future.

SharePoint Server 2016 builds on SharePoint Online as its core. It offers new and improved, highly flexible deployment options. You can choose from a traditional on-premises deployment, a hosted service with Microsoft Office 365 sites powered by Microsoft SharePoint Online, deployment in Concerto (our virtual private cloud service), Azure or AWS Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), or a mix of these options with a hybrid approach, empowering you to choose how and when you take advantage of on-premises or cloud-based solutions—all without changing the user experience.

SharePoint 2016 features:

  • Responsive design. Improved mobile access to content, people and applications, along with touch-based experiences across devices and screen sizes
  • File storage and document collaboration that is more people-centric
  • Improved user experiences and capabilities derived from innovations in Office 365, available either as part of your on-premises deployment or through a hybrid implementation of SharePoint Server 2016 and Office 365
  • Enhanced user experiences

SharePoint Server 2016 brings innovations in user experience with improvements to document libraries and navigation constructs that are consistent with Office 365. These updates have proven successful in driving adoption in Office 365 and will now benefit SharePoint Server. And for hybrid customers, there will be a seamless user experience that spans from the data center to the cloud. There is also improved mobile access and the touch-based experience in team sites.

Compliance and Reporting

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) is non-negotiable, and overexposure to information can have legal and compliance implications. SharePoint Server 2016 provides a broad array of features and capabilities designed to make certain that sensitive information remains protected with investments in DLP, new scenarios to enable data encryption and compliance tools that span on-premises servers and Office 365 while providing a balance between enabling user self-service and ensuring content usage adheres to corporate policy. Incorporating Information Rights Managements, the permissions of the document travel with the document.

Cloud-inspired Infrastructure

SharePoint Server 2016 is derived from the same code used to deliver SharePoint Online—code that has been validated over years, by millions of users, making it the most comprehensively tested version of SharePoint to date. This unified code base also facilitates support and updates across both Office 365 and on-premises SharePoint Server, and enables a standardized set of Application Programming Interfaces (API) that span on-premises and the cloud, enabling customers to innovate more easily than ever.

Now you can move your intranet, document management, records management and legal records and business automation processes to the cloud with SharePoint.

For more information, check out our webcast: 7 Secrets to Increasing Productivity.

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