New Dynamics ERP Certifications – You Can Help Contribute to New Credentialing Process

With Microsoft's decision to end professional certifications for Microsoft Dynamics GP, NAV and SL consultants and implementers in 2014, a new independent organization has been formed to create certifications for the Dynamics community.

Many believed, including me, that past exam processes did not provide value, were mere memorization tests and failed to measure true knowledge and qualifications of individuals. However, I still believed there was a need to conduct product certifications for implementers and consultants in the Dynamics community.

In response to market demand, the Association of Dynamics Professionals was formed to develop independent exams and certify Dynamics professionals. The Association is working diligently to develop a certification framework and build exams the right way.

Credentialing Council

At Tribridge we believe certifications are a way to challenge and motivate the personal and professional growth of our team members. When we saw the end of the certification exams coming from Microsoft, we developed internal certifications to continue the development our team members. When approached by the Association to be a part of the new initiative, I knew Tribridge could help give back to the community in order to enhance the certification experience for others.

As a member of the Association's “Credentialing Council,” we are responsible for overseeing the certification processes and decisions across all Dynamics products. The council is comprised at this time of representatives from Dynamics GP and Dynamics NAV (and ultimately from SL, AX and CRM). We strategically guide the development and delivery of the Association's credentialing programs, and each member is dedicated to the improvement of this process and challenging the way things were previously done.

Gone are the days of memorization in order to pass an exam. We are striving for exams that truly assess the knowledge of individuals, deepen value and, in return, provide a certification that all recipients can be proud of and that continues to drive excellence in the projects we implement for our customers.

Join in the Certification Process

If you implement Dynamics GP or NAV, you have a unique opportunity to assist in developing certification exam questions for Dynamics GP 2015 and Dynamics NAV 2015. As more people submit questions, the construction of the exams will be superior to the past and a better measurement of qualified consultants in the community.

If you are interested in submitting one or more questions for certification exam, I encourage you to join in.

Please register and help in this venture to continue to drive excellence in the Dynamics community.


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