Encouraging Payvider Dialogue at Pop Health Forum 2016

According the organizers of HIMSS Pop Health Forum, more than half of the audience at the Chicago event this September 12-13 will come from hospitals and healthcare providers. Another 10 percent will come from payers. We hope both numbers, especially payers, are even higher than expected – here’s why.

Our goal with Health360 is to enable payers and providers to share accountability under evolving value-based care models. Sharing accountability is key, and events like the Pop Health Forum spark great conversations about what this really means. It enables healthcare stakeholders to engage in frank discussions about what’s being asked of them and what’s holding them back.

During HIMSS 2016 in Las Vegas, I overheard many side conversations about the concept of “payviders.” Some, may consider a payvider to be just a provider-owned health plan. Others more loosely define it as a joint venture between payers and providers where parties equally share risks and rewards. We’re most optimistic about this latter definition because it casts a wider net across the healthcare industry.

As a sponsor of next week’s Pop Health Forum, we’ll be listening closely for how attendees are looking to share risks and rewards under value-based care models. We’re also excited to see Susan Wiemeyer, National Managing Director of Microsoft U.S. Health & Life Sciences Industry talk on “Technology's Impact on Population Health Innovation”. She will discuss how today’s innovative technologies offer cost-effective and efficient ways to help health organizations transform the delivery of care through mobility, social patient engagement, cloud computing and big data.

The Pop Health Forum is just the right size for more intimate and in-depth conversations about the future of healthcare and we are excited to be a part of it. Please stop by and see how Health360 is playing an important role in this exciting value-based care transformation.

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