Accountable Care Organizations + CRM + Agile = Win

Accountable Care Organizations are in an interesting position. With new funding streams and new organizational requirements comes tremendous opportunity for healthcare providers and their affiliates. But like any opportunity, the risk of "missing the boat" due to lack of preparation, unclear guidance and the wrong tools has many healthcare organizations looking for answers. At Tribridge, we believe we’ve found that answer in the form of Microsoft’s Dynamics CRM software, tailored to the specific to the needs of ACOs, and rapidly developed through Agile.

Choosing the right software is at the top of the list of considerations. CRM, or Customer Relationship Management software, is uniquely positioned to help organizations in their quest to manage the health and well-being of patients that are part of an ACO. At the heart of it, CRM manages connections, can help in identifying trends, and enables the most granular level of communication management. And because Microsoft has developed Dynamics CRM into a very robust and rapid development environment, there should be few if any capabilities or requirements that can’t be met through system configuration.

Most hospitals and healthcare providers face an ever changing landscape as they go about the process of building their Accountable Care Organizations. As of now, the body of knowledge, including best practices, is only beginning to be developed. This is where Agile software development + CRM is such a potent combination. Agile is an iterative software development approach. Rather than focusing on a single development cycle, Agile enables continuous development. And rather than trying to fit an organization's implementation of their ACO into an off-the-shelf software package, CRM, when implemented via Agile, allows an organization to both shape the software to their specific needs, and rapidly update that software as those needs change and as best practices evolve.

This combination of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Agile software development offers a distinct strategic advantage over less flexible solutions.

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