7 Secrets to Increasing Productivity with Cloud Based Tools: Secret #6

Your people want to be able to cut through the clutter—to zero in and easily identify what information is needed both to better serve your current customers as well as find new ones. Salespeople face multiple challenges today, one of which is certainly the fact that customers do not want to be sold to.  If they are already making up their minds about you—one step ahead of you in their decision-making process—you can’t jump into the sales process at the beginning.  You have to be able to quickly meet them where they are in this process. 

That means you need a system that allows you to get up to speed in no time and quickly develop insights to engage in a relevant way.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online helps businesses access and organize customer data so that you can stay on top of events in your customer’s business or industry and gather relevant information about your customers to make your interactions more personal.

Imagine how much easier it would be to walk into each customer meeting with a complete understanding of that customer’s past relationship with your company and a good idea of what problems they might be facing today. It would make it easier to develop a pitch that resonates because it shows customers how your products or services can help solve their business problems.

One of the keys to improving productivity is to enable mobile and remote scenarios.

Some of the common challenges for achieving this include the following:

  • Inability to stay connected when on the go
  • Inability to access work when offsite
  • Versioning issues
  • Poor collaboration that impacts decision making and getting work done
  • Difficulty moving between devices

Business anywhere means literally bringing your office with you everywhere you go. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, your people will have easy access on any device, a complete set of business-ready tools, and new collaboration features that simplify teamwork and help you accomplish more.

  • Real-time company and contact information from over 30,000 sources means, with as little as a company name and web address, finding contact information and organization information and updating your account record with a single click
  • Listen to social conversations to gain insights into what matters most to your customers
  • Give sales managers the visual sales data needed to identify opportunities
  • Track current customers and see how frequently they are purchasing products and calling for help
  • Keep communications to customers focused on what they want and need

Businesses want to be able to find a relevant way to connect with their customers so they can deliver what people want, win faster and respond to customer inquiries and issues quicker. What if the same system that gives you all the business and social data also helps with customer communication? Then your business would be able to win faster.

  • Find connections to customers and prospects via LinkedIn and other social media
  • Follow a wizard like guided sales and service experience with built-in sales best practices and business processes to consistently deliver the best sales experience for both current and prospective customers
  • Work effectively from anywhere on any device
  • Deliver impressive sales presentations

Your sales and service teams need to be able to easily collaborate, find and access the common information they need to ultimately sell more, service your customers better and grow the business.

In this new world of business, sales and service people can no longer live in a silo. The ability to work together in a much more open and collaborative way is how teams are driving success. That means you need to be able to tap into your network and work together toward mutually desirable outcomes. Your business solution plays a critical role in enabling that outcome.

For more information, check out our webcast: 7 Secrets to Increasing Productivity.

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