3 Tips for Driving User Adoption

Last week, Michael Rochelle, chief strategy officer at Brandon Hall, and Jason Stutt, VP of sales at Tribridge HCM, kicked off the Cornerstone webinar “Maximize Your Cornerstone Solution” by conducting a poll to capture the audience’s opinion of the most important factor in maximizing their Cornerstone Learning Cloud. Not surprisingly, 38% of the audience felt that user adoption was the most important factor for them.  

While many organizations invest significant time and resources to assess and purchase the best learning management system (LMS) technology, they often have under estimated what’s required to ensure that they are providing learners with the best possible experience. So, what should organizations be thinking about in order to drive higher user adoption rates with their learners?  

During the webinar, Michael reminded the audience about why user adoption is so important: to get back to the basics of learning. This got me thinking that it’s not just about the technology, which can easily become the sole focus. What it’s really about are the learners and their experience. Coming out of the webinar last week, these three tips for driving user adoption really resonated with me:


Create collaborative interactions by making your learners believe that your LMS technology is a meeting place to get work done. It’s not just a technology to learn, but it’s also a platform to share knowledge and take learning to another level rather than just the content that’s provided. Position your LMS as a way to build relationships.


One of the most engaging factors for learners is a personalized experience. Creating custom content to target specific learner groups will keep your users engaged. However, don’t stop just with the content. Prevent discouragement by creating a visually friendly personalized experience for your learners by customizing your user interface.


With a new generation joining the workforce, you need to make sure that your user experience is dynamic across all types of devices. According to Brandon Hall Group, 80% of interactive learning is done on tablets. Transform your content to be compatible with the devices your learners are using.

It’s no secret that excited, passionate users drive adoption. You can implement all the technology in the world, but it’s not going to make a difference unless you engage your users and give them a reason to use the technology. By creating a collaborative environment on a personalized platform with dynamic content, a user experience will be created that will target your learners.

What are some other ways your organization drives user adoption?  Feel free to leave a comment or drop me a line on Twitter at @Tribridge.

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