Partner Spotlight: Prophix Software Inc.

With the Dynamics SLUG Conference upon us at the end of the month, I thought it was a good time to highlight one of our ISV partners, Prophix, that we work with to provide our customers with business intelligence and analytics solutions.

Our customers are always looking for better ways to grow their business and improve profitability through the use of data. After we determine the best approach, Prophix software can be seamlessly integrated into the implementation. We offer multiple support options and a variety of programs, events and resources designed to optimize your investment.

Let's hear from Anita McArter, Vice President of North American Channels at Prophix, to understand a bit more about what the technology can do.

Tell Us About Prophix

In business since 1987, Prophix built a software solution that allows users to be more forward thinking and proactive when making decisions.

Headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario Canada with 6 additional offices in the U.S, England, Denmark, Germany and Brazil, the company has grown to thousands of forward-looking organizations in more than 90 countries using software from Prophix to gain increased visibility and insight into their business performance.

Tell Us More About the Products, Technology and Services

A unified solution with low cost of ownership, we don't sell our software piecemeal – we sell a complete CPM package. You can purchase Prophix now and implement only the functionality you need. Our solution will grow with you, and will support your future, more strategic performance management endeavors. You can administer the software without burdening your IT department.

Prophix is built in such a way that there is minimal customization required – leaving implementation times short. Ultimately, Prophix CPM software enables companies to use integrated financial planning to translate insight into financial impact by providing richer, more relevant analysis.

Why Does Partnering with Tribridge Make Sense for Your Organization?

Like Prophix, Tribridge places the customer relationship as their highest priority and strives to go above and beyond. Tribridge's experience as a market leader and commitment to excellence is the primary reason why Prophix is pleased to partner with Tribridge. The partnership is a natural fit due to our mutual values and integrity.

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