Microsoft Bolsters Its ERP Cloud Infrastructure

Microsoft remains a dominant force in the IT landscape, offering consumer and enterprise solutions ranging along the full spectrum of personal and business needs. Even when it comes to more specialized products, Microsoft appears to have a foot in the door in every conceivable domain. Enterprise resource planning has long been a key service offered by the industry giant, but its recent initiative to take its Dynamics platform into a full-fledged cloud environment tells me that the company is prepared to guide the next generation of enterprise IT toward a future built on off-premise resources.

Taking the Cloud Seriously

There hasn't been any shortage of cloud offerings from Microsoft in recent years, as its Azure storage services and Office 365 solutions have played a major role in making the cloud a household name. Until now, however, its ERP options have been largely rooted in the world of on-premise assets, requiring traditional implementation processes and often-tedious configuration methods. According to a recent article from MSDynamicsWorld, the software leader is bringing its Dynamics service line into the cloud with gusto, encouraging resellers and businesses to embrace this change.

What advantages can customers expect from a purely cloud-based approach? The source explained that faster provisioning, more transparent pricing and Office 365 integration will be major benefits in years to come. For those who remain skeptical of a cloud-exclusive architecture, Microsoft's ERP resources will remain accessible in hybrid configurations and support highly customized integrations with existing assets.

Retaining Core Value

While the delivery method of Dynamics ERP may see a significant shift, the service will hold onto the fundamental value proposition that has compelled such widespread adoption since its introduction. Of course, a dedicated partner will play a key role for any firm to maximize their solution investment, and market leaders such as Tribridge consistently deliver on the high expectations customers set for a Microsoft product. Bethany, Missouri-based Gumdrop Books is a strong advocate for the firm's capabilities, unlocking the power of Dynamics by forming an IT consulting alliance.

"Microsoft and Tribridge were very responsive in terms of providing us with the demonstrations, benchmarks and proof-of-concepts that we asked for," said Bart Fitzgerald, CTO of Gumdrop Books. "They made it very easy to choose them over the competition and gave us confidence that we had chosen the right technology partners."

Whether in the cloud or installed on-premise, Dynamics will continue to be a force to reckon with in the world of ERP. For more information on the Microsoft Dynamics ERP offerings, view our Ultimate Guide to Comparing Microsoft Dynamics ERP.

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