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7 Secrets to Increasing Productivity with Cloud Based Tools: Secret #7

Published: September 22, 2016
Pablo Saez is a Cloud Solution Consultant at Tribridge. With over 15 years' of experience Read More

When you talk about downtime, you often hear staggering statics and financials. Currently, the average cost per minute of unplanned downtime is now $7,900, up a staggering 41 percent from $5,600 per minute in 2010.

But how does downtime really affect an organization and what can you do to prevent it?

Downtime can impact companies a number of different ways:

  • Damage reputations and loyalty
  • Regulatory and compliance impacts – if you have SLA's or guaranteed response times to your customers
  • Remedial costs

But most commonly you hear downtime measured in revenue and productivity loss – quite simply your business is paying employees who cannot work, sell, implement or invoice.

So how can you prevent unplanned downtime? By choosing an infrastructure solution that best suits your business needs.

Organizations must evaluate which applications are mission critical and which can remain in a public cloud or on-premise. Often times, this discussion is driven by your business type or industry. At a minimum, even if not evaluating cloud options, this is a required exercise for Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery planning. Having a list of applications, which should be recovered first and which are so mission critical that they need to be in fail safe environments is key to any Business Continuity plan.

Selecting the right cloud environment for your business applications is critical to productivity, but there are other added benefits to a multi-cloud approach.

The right cloud strategy can help with:

  • Business Continuity and Risk planning
  • Compliance and security solutions
  • Data management and application development
  • Retail and EDI solutions
  • Monitoring and health check capabilities
  • Capacity planning

Powered by Concerto, Tribridge’s cloud environment has a “four-nine,” automatic money-back, all-inclusive 99.99% uptime guarantee, less than an hour a year! And this availability service agreement is not for each part of the service, like with Public Cloud providers, but across the technology stack.

Other technology services firms are racing to develop cloud solutions, but Tribridge is widely recognized as a pioneer in the cloud services space. We began our journey to the cloud several years ago when we recognized the growing demand for private cloud services. As Microsoft experts, our team understands the complexities of mission-critical ERP and other business solutions and the pressures to meet industry-specific regulatory compliance. We are dedicated to providing you with superior application integration services and a (multi) cloud environment built for maximum security and performance.

Public or private? Yes to both. Concerto’s hybrid cloud delivers mission-critical applications in our virtual private cloud and leverages public clouds for solutions with less stringent needs.

For more information, check out our webcast: 7 Secrets to Increasing Productivity.

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