Consumers Are Changing and Distributors Need to Change Tactics

The way that consumers, particularly the millennial generation, shop and research products and companies is changing. Social networks are increasing in importance and branding plays a large role with developing loyalty. Learn more about your consumers and how to engage them by moving beyond multi-channel and into omni-channel strategies.

Millennial buyers are reshaping the entire marketplace and distributors need to change tactics or risk becoming obsolete. This generation relies on social networks and mobile devices for nearly anything from company and product research, shopping, managing finances, and entertainment. A strong and relevant online presence is necessary for distributors to survive and thrive in this new era. Download "The Future of Distribution: 15 Ways to Thrive in the New Age of People, Integration and Speed of Change," an eBook, to learn how to strengthen your connection with millennials by adopting a strong omni-channel strategy.

Engage Customers on Multiple Platforms to Improve Loyalty and Drive Sales

Business is always on. The power of the internet has created a vast global marketplace with business partners, suppliers and customers seeking your products or services from nearly any location at any time.

To stay in front of your customers, you need an omni-channel strategy. Developing connections and interactions with customers across multiple platforms is necessary for brand allegiance and nurturing long-term loyalty. Armed with the right technology, you can easily engage customers on popular social networks, deliver clever email campaigns and provide superior customer support on a variety of channels. Capturing data from these communications can also provide the insight you need to understand customers better and personalize messages and promotions to further improve loyalty and drive sales.

The millennial generation has more spending power than any other generation. This young, influential generation shows a preference for businesses that reflect their values and personalities, and will reward companies that engage them on their terms. Distributors can't wait any longer to employ the tactics that attract these customers. It's time to replace ineffective legacy systems with an innovative, modern business management solution, such as Advanced Distribution, that can support a smart omni-channel strategy.

Download the eBook and contact Tribridge to learn how to attract and communicate with millennials using a strong omni-channel strategy designed to develop brand allegiance, loyalty and increase sales.

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