Distributors Need Seamless Integration to Thrive in This Digital Era

The distribution industry is fast-paced and ‘always on.’ There is no time to search through multiple systems for the data needed to satisfy customers or monitor business performance. Integration has never been more important for business success and customer satisfaction. Break down the silos formed by disparate systems with a fully integrated solution.

In this increasingly digitally-focused world, customers have come to expect instant access to product information, promotions and an expedited sales process. In order to provide the responsive services today’s customers expect, and run a growing business, you need an integrated business management solution that can capture and deliver data quickly and accurately.

Download “The Future of Distribution: 15 Ways to Thrive in the New Age of People, Integration and Speed of Change,” an eBook, to learn how you can unify data, coordinate more effectively, and optimize the supply chain with an integrated solution, like Advanced Distribution.

Respond Fast to Marketplace Conditions and Customer Needs

Consolidating technology closes the gaps often experienced working with aging legacy systems or disparate software solutions. A single, integrated solution improves cross-functional coordination between departments and provides your team with one set of reliable data. Breaking down those silos and unifying data enables leaders to improve business operations, respond faster to customer needs, and monitor performance indicators. Decision makers can get a complete view of operations, evaluate cause and effect of certain activities, and strive for continuous improvement of operations.

An integrated solution also eliminates the redundant data entry between systems and provides customers with a seamless shopping experience. Connecting customer data with online or mobile shopping can make reordering much easier and remove friction throughout the check-out process. You can also gain valuable insight from social networks. Listen to customer stories, monitor reviews and answer questions; then, use this information to develop deeper insight into your customers. Understanding what drives your customers can lead to stronger relationships, brand or product allegiance, and long-term loyalty.

Distributors need to be able to act fast to changing marketplace conditions and customer needs by replacing aging, legacy systems with modern business tools.

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