Create a Seamless Online Experience with a Strong Business Management System

Distributors simply can’t provide a frictionless customer experience when relying on disparate online and offline business systems. Armed with an integrated business management system, you can connect operational systems with your website to create a seamless online experience for your customers. Fully integrated systems will also provide new levels of insight within financial, operational and ecommerce systems to further strengthen your business and promote growth.

Customers don’t want to wait on hold, they don’t want you to call them back, and they definitely don’t want to click through several webpages to place a new order or check on an existing one. Yet, when relying on disparate systems, customer service teams have to click through screen after screen to find the data needed to respond to a customer. These delays, combined with a poor online experience, are a surefire way to lose customers and revenues.

Integrate Systems to Strengthen Business and Improve Customer Satisfaction

Distributors can get to data faster when using an integrated business management solution, like Advanced Distribution. This cloud-based solution offers strong financial, logistical, warehousing, and supply chain functionality. Business intelligence features also support distribution processes and end customer needs. Workflows and other time-saving features within Microsoft Dynamics AX streamline how data is entered, shared and analyzed—giving management a unified, single-view of critical business data. With real-time, reliable data at their fingertips, your leaders can strategize continuous improvements.

Microsoft Dynamics AX also provides a platform for a seamless mobile experience.

Cloud-enabled, location-based technology connects customers with the products they want and drives traffic to retail stores. You can create targeted promotions to customers and keep them engaged whether they are online, in stores or shopping on mobile devices. Cloud technology also offers security features that will protect your business from data breaches and provide customers with a secure shopping experience.

Provide customers with a seamless experience whether they are online, in stores or on mobile devices.

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