Vision and Objectives are Crucial for a Successful CRM Deployment

A successful business has a plan, a clearly defined set of strategic goals, and a team that knows where they are headed. When it comes to a customer relationship management (CRM) implementation, you must also set the stage for change, make sure your people and organization are ready for those changes, establish an adoption strategy and attach the solution to specific business outcomes.

A modern CRM solution could be one of the most valuable management tools you can put in place. The right solution will strengthen the connection between your business and customers, as well as elevate the customer experience. As discussed in "10 Days to CRM Success," implementing CRM is a big change that your organization must be ready to undertake or the deployment could be at risk for failure.

In order to start the CRM deployment on the right foot, follow these two very important first steps.

Set the Stage and Prepare for the Changes CRM Will Deliver

First, establish the vision and define the objectives behind the decision to deploy CRM. Senior leadership should start the deployment process by formulating the vision, the need for change, challenges that should be addressed, and defining the desired business outcomes. You may decide that it's time to focus on growth, reduce the friction customers experience across touch points, or otherwise improve customer satisfaction. Upon defining these larger goals, determine how to measure progress with the S.M.A.R.T. guidelines. Goals should be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Results-focused, and Time-Bound.

With a CRM roadmap in place, choose the team that will champion the deployment process. Include other managers and employees that understand the business and existing processes, and that will have the time to commit to the project. Choose who will contribute to the project and those that only need to be informed of progress. Define the team's roles and responsibilities, deadlines, and other expectations. A cohesive, objective team will work together to ensure the CRM deployment stays focused on the vision and objectives and the project meets key milestones on time and within budget.

Set the stage for a successful CRM deployment and make sure your team is ready for the changes that are sure to follow. Download the eBook and contact Tribridge for help with establishing the vision and objectives for your deployment and creating a team to champion the process.

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