CEOs Need to Ask the Right Questions to Strengthen Data Security

In the case of data security, ignorance isn't bliss. What you don't know can hurt your business and damage customer relationships, which is why more CEOs are taking a proactive approach toward strengthening data security measures. Asking the right questions and understanding the risks can improve the security of your business and the ability to respond fast should a breach occur.

As discussed in our whitepaper "Business Leadership in a Tech-Driven World: How CEO's Can Manage Proactively to Protect Data and Build Customer Confidence," CEOs are taking on a leadership role with developing a strong IT team, assessing potential risks, understanding technology systems, and monitoring third-party interactions. In addition, CEOs are addressing crisis planning in order to minimize the repercussions of a cyber-attack or data breach.

Get Answers to These Tough Security Questions

Many companies rely on a skilled IT team to manage corporate data, including customer and employee information. A strong team of IT experts is essential toward developing a data security strategy. As such, CEOs need to ask their IT department these questions:

  • How experienced is our IT staff and are background checks enough when hiring IT experts?
  • Is the current training program and budget enough to understand security risk, trends and respond appropriately?
  • Where are the weaknesses in applications or infrastructure that should be addressed?
  • What will be the cost to our business should a breach occur?
  • Do we have, or should we have, cybersecurity insurance?
  • Can a cloud service provider provide stronger security measures than we can manage internally?
  • What 3rd party attestations do they have to back up their compliance claims?

By asking these questions and taking a calculated look at existing technology, as well as existing policies and procedures, CEOs and IT teams can take a holistic approach to protecting customer and business data. By understanding what you are doing well and what can be done to improve data security, you can make smart decisions to make your data even more secure.

Don’t get left in the dark and unable to protect your business and customers in the event of a cyber-attack.

Download the whitepaper "Business Leadership in a Tech-Driven World: How CEO's Can Manage Proactively to Protect Data and Build Customer Confidence", and contact us to strengthen your technology and business processes, reduce risk and minimize the impact of a data breach.

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