Installation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Reporting Extensions

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Reporting Extensions: Fixing ‘/SharedReports/5.0.xxxx/MSCRM_FetchDataSource’ Cannot be Found Error

Installation of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Reporting Extensions, formally known as the SSRS Data Connector (still in on the installation media in same folder), is necessary so that CRM and SQL servers can communicate over the kerberos double hop issue when using separate servers.

The Microsoft CRM Reporting Extensions error below was received because an SQL Server was replaced and the SSRS Data Connector was not added back in.

CRM Reporting Extensions error

This key is the word ITEM cannot be found. This simply means the SSRS Data Connector cannot find the original reports. It turns out the report databases that support SSRS were completely removed, discarded when the SQL server was rebuilt, so the CRM reports are now missing. (Note: Custom reports would have been deleted and cannot be restored using this procedure. A backup of the ReportDB\ReportTempDB would be required, with a repair of SSRS to get those reports working again).

In order to fix this, remove and reinstall Microsoft Dynamics CRM Reporting Extensions first, then run the command line tool from the CRM server directory C:\program files\Microsoft Dynamics CRM\Tools\ to recreate/republish the reports by typing the following command:

publishreports ORGNAME – Organization name of the CRM Installation Missing Reports

 Fix CRM installation of missing reports

Once completed, issue an IISRESET on the CRM server. Then navigate back into the CRM report section and run/find your missing reports! There are several other topics covered on our Tribridge CRM blog around SPNs and service accounts that could also be an issue if your reports are not working. Take a look! Enjoy.

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